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As the importance and dependence over technology is intruding rapidly in our lives, the upcoming generation is no longer aloof and is bagging its nasty effects. The life of today’s children is getting mechanized and urbanized. They spend more and more time being in front of the screen. Be it on computers or watching television or playing mobile games. Even their hobbies are treading a shift from physical pastimes to visiting shopping malls, restaurants etc. Because of this, so called modern lifestyle, health of the children is miserably getting affected which is ultimately slowing their overall development including their mind, body and brain. Now a days, even the parental expectations are too high which forces kids into a lot of stress which again affects their development. Causative factor are many, leading to developmental problems. But to these problems, today, I am suggesting you an age-old, tried and tested, Solution. It is a wonderful medicine called ‘PLAY’. Play is very important for developing motor, sensory, cognitive, perceptual, behavior, social and communication skills. So under current circumstances, I request all the parents, instead of any technological pampers for your kiddos, inculcate the habit of physical PLAY, for their healthy today and future-ready tomorrow. Thanks!
Dr Chanchal Agarwal
Child Specialist


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