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What is RainbowGalaxy?

RainbowGalaxy is an online toys and books rental library in Pune where members can rent toys for 2 weeks/months. With RainbowGalaxy your kids get the vast variety of toys and books delivered directly to your door every 2 weeks. Once they’ve finished playing with their toy, they can simply swap it out for a different toy. No more spending money on toys that are left gathering dust on shelves.

How does RainbowGalaxy work?

  1. Select a membership plan according to your need.
  2. Choose your favourite item through our catalogue on our website or we will send items according to age and liking of your child.
  3. Receive the Kit of Toys, Games & Books at your address every 2 week (Free home delivery)
  4. Enjoy them for two week or as long as you want.
  5. Return the old kit and get new Toys, Games & Books.


What kind of toys do you keep in the library?

RainbowGalaxy keeps branded toys of international safety standards. Each toy in the library is inspected by us to ensure quality. All the toys, books and puzzles in the library have been selected with an intention to provide a quality play-based learning experience to your child.

How long can I keep a toy?

You can keep toys and books for two weeks or as long as you want (if there is no request for particular toys and books from other member)

Can I extend the rental for the same toy?

Yes. Call or send us an email and let us know if you want to extend the duration. In case there are no requests/demand for particular toys and books by other members, we will renew the same toy for you. If there is request from other member, you need to return it back and can get it in next slot.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can either make cash or cheque payment during the delivery of toys or you can pay directly on the website by using our payment gateway.

Do I have to pay any deposit?

Yes there is a refundable deposit for our membership plan (refer membership plans).

In case you terminate your membership with us for any reason, you have return all the toys and books in good and sound condition. After we receive all the material rented to you, RainbowGalaxy will refund the deposit within one month from the day of termination.


How much do I have to pay to join RainbowGalaxy?

Refer membership plans.

Do you provide home delivery service?

Yes, we provide free home delivery. Every 2 week your RainbowGalaxy Toy Kit will be delivered at your door-step.

What if the toys breaks or parts of a toy are lost during usage?

RainbowGalaxy team takes atmost care in selecting toys of highest quality and safety levels. However in the unlikely event of any damage to the toy, RainbowGalaxy tries to replace the broken/lost parts and charge the member for replacement parts only. In case we are not able to replace the parts, the cost of the toy (depending on toy’s condition) has to be borne by the member. All toys are checked thoroughly once returned to ensure it is in good condition before it is rented out again.

Do you clean and sanitize your toys? Am I expected to clean the toys before returning?.

Refer WE CARE section to know our Sanitization process. We expect members to return toys in a clean state. However all returned toys go through our sanitization process before being rented again.

Can I suggest additions to the toy library in case I don’t find toy of my choice?

We are continuously updating our library with interesting and enriching toys, games and books. In case you do not find what you are looking for, please mail us at or you can call us and register your wish. We will try to fulfil your request if the product has relevant learning potential.


Will you remind me when my subscription is getting over?

Yes. You will a get call or email from rainbowgalaxy to remind you about your subscription status and giving other updates.